I don’t believe that I will ever see

The world that I had hoped would come to pass.

As long as people let the bigots be

Then all their bitter thoughts will just amass.

While any look down on their fellow men

Then how can we expect a real peace?

The world will tear itself apart again.

Perhaps this time the killing will not cease.

Until such time as none are left alive

Or only those with means enough to hide

Beneath the battered soil where none shall thrive.

Which of us would be on the losing side?

The ones who strike the hardest in the fight?

Or those who try to do whatever’s right?



Every day another headline

Telling us who we should blame,

Pointing out the ways we’re different,

Hiding how we’re just the same.

Bones and blood and hair and humour,

Fears and tears and lack of sleep.

Money problems, aching muscles,

Loneliness that bites in deep.


Truth be damned, they print their stories,

Push the message year on year.

Till it seeps into the zeitgeist,

Building up a wall of fear.

Fear of who will use our doctors,

Take our jobs and fill our schools,

Fear of who’ll ride on our buses,

Cross our borders, make our rules.


Every day another headline,

More divisive that the last.

Trying to convince us all that

Things were better in the past.

Pints and pounds and flags and passports,

Bent bananas, greener fields,

Safer streets and stronger toasters,

Unrestricted fishing yields.


“Be afraid!” their constant message,

“Pick a scapegoat, have no doubt,

That you shouldn’t trust ‘the other’;

Drive them backwards, push them out.”

Read the headlines if you want to,

Just remember as you do.

This is all to make them richer,

They’re not looking out for you.