A poem about April for Chris B, inventor of the 5 minute quiz.

Hello shiny April. You’ve been gone so long.

Yet here you are, dancing and singing your song.

To rouse us from sleeping, to shake us awake,

With each stomping, Spring-loaded step that you take.

You scatter tomfoolery as you begin,

Then sit back and wait for buffoons to join in.

Renowned for your bluster, new life and for showers,

The call of the cuckoo, an abundance of flowers.

The panic of tax-forms, the National races,

The Marathon runners are put through their paces.

Is it true? Is it false that we’ve never had snow

In the last week of April? You have 5 minutes …GO!

Water runs.

Water runs, the possibilities are endless,

Whispering suggestions in your ear.

Lights that bounce and skim and scurry,

Swamp the boneless limbs that bind you near.

Sing the notes to bring the playful rainclouds.

Promise them you’ll free them by and by,

When they’ve made the river break its boundaries.

When they’ve joined the dewline to the sky.

Make a bed of all the leaves and let-downs.

Start again to show the soil you can.

Sleep until you have become the thunder.

Tell the world you know how it began.

Tell the world you know how it began.