The water holds me,

Weightless, I move with the swell,

Embracing the cold.


Sense Haiku

Look at the shadows.

See how they bend in the light,

Emphasising shape.


Hear the world whisper.

Soft sounds drift between our lives,

Forging connections.


Breathe in life’s sharp scent.

Detect its bold undertones,

Building memories.


Touch the cracked terrain.

Push its teeth into your skin,

Fading to numbness.


Taste the cool water.

Savour the imperfections

Which make it unique.

How Far?

How far must I go

Before I know it’s too far

And I can’t return?


So far that your voice

No longer reaches my ear

For all your shouting?


So far that your face

Is invisible to me

For all its brightness?


So far that your life

Ceases to have a meaning

That I understand?


How far can I go

Without severing the thread

That joins me to you?


With nothing to lose

The spider dives for freedom

Like a kite.  Soaring.


In the long, damp grass,

But longing for the river

The frog sits.  Waiting.


On a proud, tall rose

The butterfly lands, briefly.

Then it leaves.  Flitting.


On the broken fence

In the deep down damp, the shade.

Woodlice sit.  Hiding.


Like another world

That’s there when you look closely.