I’m a whinging lefty libtard

Here I sit and cry all day.

I have to take my blue pill

So the truth will go away.

Because ‘alt-right isn’t Nazi’

And ‘to them belongs tomorrow’;

But we’re precious little snowflakes

Who are half submerged in sorrow.

I’m a rabid, raving feminist,

I’m hacking at men’s rights.

And when I’m not too busy

I break off to outlaw whites.

I’m always getting triggered

‘Cause I’m such a loony cuck.

I’m signalling my virtue

‘Cause I want the world to look.

It’s ethics in games journalism!

Pussy grabbing’s banter.

Don’t pay me any mind, I’m just

A safe-space-seeking ranter.

I’ve got rainbows on my earrings,

Want equality for all,

I’m the B in LGBTQ.

And don’t support Trump’s wall.

I think Breitbart is a Nazi rag,

Steve Bannon’s just a dick.

And I’d tell @PrisonPlanet

To go spin on a sharp stick.

I’ll still be a Remoaner

Through all my remoaning years

And I’d let the English Channel

Overflow with liberal tears.

Like some blue-haired Tumblrina

I prefer to mix with sheeple

‘Cause I love my echo chamber and

Avoid the normal people,

I’m a whinging lefty libtard,

I’m PC and proud of it.

But at least I’m not a red-pill pushing

Post-truth, alt-right shit.