Storm on the River

Grey clouds gather just offshore,

Full of threat and anger.

Leaning on the rusting rails

He sees the clouds no longer.

On the waves, a lone bird floats,

At rest upon the tide,

But the man’s grey eyes no creature spy

Nor anything beside.

Storms have been here over time,

Their scars will always linger,

But the scars the man will rue the most

Run deeper than the river.

Time heals, they say, but they are wrong,

Time only slows the churning.

The hurt is harder to detect

For those who missed the reaping.

His hands don’t feel the creeping cold,

His ears don’t hear the thunder.

And as his steps retrace his path

They beat a bleak reminder.



Can I build a bridge from here to there?

Piling regrets, missed chances into an arch,

Filling the gaps with careless words or deeds.

How strong would such a structure be?


Can I send a scout from here to there?

Testing the ground for soundness under foot,

Laying a trail where I might follow on.

How safe would such a mission be?


Can I send my voice from here to there?

Saying the words that hesitation stole,

Seeking an ear wherein they’ll tell their tale.

How clear would such oration be?


Can I call you back from there to here?

Just for a day, an hour, like those we had,

Filling the time with laughter and with love.

How sweet would such an instant be?


Don’t see me as I turn my face.
Don’t miss my voice,
Don’t need my touch.
Don’t see me as I turn my face away.

Don’t see me turn my face away.
Don’t watch me fail,
Don’t hear me cry.
Don’t see me turn my face away from you.

Don’t see me turn away from you.
Don’t feel the pain,
Don’t sense the loss.
Don’t see me turn away from you tonight.

Don’t see me turn away tonight.
Don’t make me stop,
Don’t hold me back.
Don’t see me turn away tonight for good.