Remembering the Dead

On 15th April 1989, 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives at Hillsborough Stadium.  After years of cover-ups, an inquest found that they had been unlawfully killed and that the actions of the dead and the other fans had played no part.  At 3:06 pm, Liverpool will fall silent in their honour and, later, the bells of both cathedrals will ring out for them.  RIP.


When the town falls silent,

When it bows its head,

When the candles flicker

We’re remembering the dead.

When the bells are readied,

When the names are read,

When the prayers are muttered

We’re remembering the dead.

When we offer comfort,

When the truth is said,

When we shed a tear

We’re remembering the dead.

When the lives are honoured,

When justice lies ahead,

Then we’ll never walk alone

Remembering the dead.



This year sees the 27th anniversary of the tragedy at Hillsborough Stadium that resulted in 96 Liverpool fans losing their lives.  As the jury consider the evidence they’ve seen and heard at the hard-won inquest into the deaths, it seems as though the 96 may finally be granted the justice they deserve.  Because of that, one last Anfield memorial service will be held for them today, but their names will remain written in a place of honour at the stadium and their flame will never go out.  This poem is dedicated to them.  You’ll never walk alone. (Photo via

No pile of scarves,

No empty seats,

No list of names,

No flickering flames,

No silent minute from the crowd

Will ever fill the void.


No heartfelt words,

No tribute plaques,

No mournful tolls,

No prayerful souls,

No sculpted works of stark respect

Will ever fill the void.


No floral wreath,

No perfect choir,

No teary eyes

No exposed lies,

No long awaited justice gained

Will ever fill the void.