Voter Blues

Not long to the election,
Yet I’ve still to decide
Which party I’ll be voting for.
I need to pick a side.
I could just choose the one that claims that their ways are the best?
But, sadly, that just won’t make one stand out from all the rest!
It’s hard to know just what to do
When each day on the news
The parties slag each other off.
I’ve got the voter blues.
So busy are the candidates reporting others’ sins
They have no time to sell themselves; it’s hard to care who wins.
Some parties are just racist;
Some only like high earners.
Some blatantly have no respect
For nurses, mums or learners.
I read through manifestos ‘til I see them in my sleep,
There’s no-one who’s a perfect fit, it makes me want to weep.
I fill my every waking hour,
With focussed contemplation
On where I ought to put my cross
For who will lead the nation.
I pore over the literature and go to every meeting
In hopes of finding someone who will get me paid for tweeting!