Twenty-first Century Prayer

O, Lord, let not my Bluetooth fail

Make all my passwords strong.

Protect my battery from all harm

And make its lifespan long.

O, Lord, may all my tweets be great.

And many find them witty.

May hosts of favourites come my way

And not just out of pity.

O, Lord, when I am in my car

Turn all the lights to green.

If birds should fly above me

Keep their crap from my windscreen.

O, Lord, make sure my TV shows

Don’t meet a sticky end.

Keep spoilers from my eyes and ears

Lest I should lose a friend.

O, Lord, deliver tasty food:

The type that comes with fries.

But keep its stores of harmful fat

From clinging to my thighs.

O, Lord, I do the lottery.

Please help me win a prize,

So I can have these bags removed

From underneath my eyes.

O, Lord, my dryer’s on the blink

Please make it work again.

Or failing that, just stop the rain

Until it’s fixed. Amen!


Blind Turn

At the blind turn, I pressed the horn,

Not knowing what might be around the curve.

Slowing to a crawl, I inched into dangerous possibilities.

No need for concern, the way was empty.

At the blind turn, I wondered if this were the best way forward.

Sometimes it’s better not to know.

But sometimes it’s better to divert.

Anybody’s guess.


At the blind turn, I held my breath,

Not knowing what might be around the curve.

Slowing to a stop, I put the car into reverse and drove

Backwards away from the turn, unsettled.

At the blind turn, I saw it would not have been wise to go forward.

Swiftly, the other car passed me.

This time, I’d been right to divert.

Lucky guess.

The Long Road

The road’s so long

And punctuated with traffic lights.

Just once, I’d love to sail straight through,

Unhindered in my flow.

But no!

Red lights beset me every chance they get.

Still, each stop gives me a chance to think;

Not needing to worry about gears or hazards,

Just watching the lights for my chance to move

And thinking up poems.

Like this.