Ask a Silly Question

“Give me a topic to write about.”

Was my throwaway request.

The subject she suggested –

Well, I never would have guessed.

She didn’t say “The birds and bees,”,

“The flowers.” or “The fishes.”

No “Family!”, no “Long lost love.”

Nor yet “Your secret wishes.”

No, being Niamh, she came up with

A topic I’d find complex,

So difficult a subject that

I’d know not what to write next.

Now, with an hour left of the day

When I must get this ode done,

I sit here and I scratch my head

Afraid I’ll fail to write one.

For ‘soya milk’, her great idea,

Presents no inspiration,

If anything, it’s given me

A sense of deep frustration.

What can I say about this milk?

It’s vaguely white, it’s runny.

And that’s where I run out of things –

Which really isn’t funny.

So, thank you for that bright idea,

You plucked from in your head.

I think next time I’d better ask

Somebody else instead.

2 thoughts on “Ask a Silly Question

  1. Thank you. I had planned to write a poem about a political discussion programme during the programme itself, so it would be absolutely topical. It’s usually on at 10:45 pm on Thursdays but it was on its Easter break so I had to find a plan B. Talk about panic!

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