Break Up

Shall we drag up the past tonight, give it an airing?

Talk about who was the first to stop caring?

Pick at the bones of us, bring them to light?

Or perhaps put it off for tonight?


Shall we kick up a stink tonight?  Who should go first?

Should we pick at the wound till the stitches just burst?

Do we pussyfoot round all the years of pretence?

Or perhaps that’d be too intense?


Shall we cut to the chase tonight, stop all the lying?

Admit we’ve long since ceased to bother with trying?

Is it time to stop dancing this dance out of fear?

Or is that just a dreadful idea?


Shall we lay out our cards tonight, show what we’re playing?

Stop putting a spin on the things that we’re saying?

When removing the plaster has dragged on and on,

Time to rip it off fast and get gone.

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