“Turn It Off” (To the tune of ‘Let It Go’)

With apologies to Disney. Please don’t sue me.

The kids are watching a film tonight,
Not a murmur to be heard.
They watched the same film twice today,
Now they’re going for a third.
I know the script as though I wrote the thing myself
Should have put it on a higher shelf.
Don’t want to know.  Don’t want to see
Another snowman dance in front of me.
The constant singing drives me mad.
It’s really bad!

Turn it off!  Turn it off!
Can’t stand this thing anymore!
Turn it off! Turn it off!
Like I asked you to before!
I don’t care
If it keeps you quiet
If you don’t stop soon,
I’ll hunt down the person who made me buy it!

It’s funny how my patience
Has almost worn away
Since the time you started watching this
A hundred times a day!
I try to change the DVD
You beg, you plead, you want to see
The stupid thing again.  But why?  I cry!

Turn it off! Turn it off!
And I’ll buy you all KFC!
Turn it off! Turn it off!
And watch Toy Story 3!

Here I stand
And here I’ll stay
If this thing stays on …!

I grab the DVD and throw it out the door
And now I’ll never have to hear that singing anymore
But then I realise the flaw within my plan
They’ll make me sit through High School Musical again!

Get it back! Get it back!
Just don’t make me sing along
Get it back, get it back
Though it’s such a catchy song

I give in
You can have your way.
Put the film back on,
I’ll just put my headphones on anyway!

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