Should we stay or should we go?

How are we supposed to know?

Come on! Give us all a clue.

On how to vote on the EU!

Heard some info from camp Leave;

They would have us all believe

If we stay, by 2020,

We’ll be full and Poland empty

And our toasters will be dead,

Making only lukewarm bread.

English breakfast will be over,

So they want a wall at Dover!

Camp Remain don’t think that way.

But they have a lot to say:

“If we make this ‘great escape’

We’ll be swimming in red tape.

We’ll be outcasts and pariahs.

Ignore ‘Leave’, they’re rotten liars!

There’ll be almost no jobs left.

A leave vote leaves us all bereft.”

Farage and co are very clear

“Remain are playing on your fear!

Brits can flourish, stand united,

Beer in hands and ciggies lighted.

No more Brussels, laws and rules.

They think we’re a gang of fools

Forcing human rights on all

Don’t know how they have the gall!”

Who to follow?  Who to choose?

Who will win and who will lose?

Once we’re all put through our paces,

Hope that UKIP shut their faces.

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