Get the Facts

I read this on the internet – it’s definitely true.

About a man in Sweden who’s opened up a zoo.

It’s full of creepy animals you wouldn’t find elsewhere:

A hipporhinoelephant, a kangoala bear.

They had a load of photographs, the way they often do

But I read it on the internet; that’s how I know it’s true!


I read this thing on Facebook – it’s definitely real.

About how you can lose a pound each time you eat a meal.

It’s all to do with science and the calories we burn

And how some foods just melt your fat; it’s mad, the things you learn!

You have to buy a DVD but it’s a total steal

And I saw it all on Facebook so that’s how I know it’s real.


I read a thing on Twitter – I’m positive it’s right.

About how it’s okay to tweet with venom and with spite

If you don’t like how someone looks or how they think or tweet

Or even if it’s just that what they wrote was a repeat.

Disliking an opinion is enough to pick a fight.

And I read it all on Twitter so it must be right!  Right?

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