Life With Cats

Life with cats is full of chaos,

Life with cats is scratched to bits.

Life with cats is quite unruly

‘Cause they’re little shits.


Food near cats is far too tempting,

Food near cats invites a paw.

Food near cats is often stolen

Then they meow for more!


Things near cats are ripe for chewing,

Things near cats are ruined fast,

Things near cats are never sacred

And they never last.


Nights with cats aren’t made for sleeping,

Nights with cats have noisy play.

Nights with cats have hourly meowing

Then they sleep all day!


Time with cats is full of snuggles,

Time with cats is filled with licks.

Time with cats is marked by purrs,

That’s why we keep the pricks.1438785725532

11 thoughts on “Life With Cats

  1. It’s the only way to be with cats. 😉 The one on the left is Scout and the other is Catthulhu, known as Thulhu because it’s obvious she’s a cat. Just coming up to 11 months and responsible for us having 3 sets of curtains in the last 9 months! :-O

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