The Animal Pun Poem

Behold the bird, how still he sits

Outside in many weathers.

Such trivia as rain and wind

Will ruffle not his feathers.

Behold the sleepy pussy cat,

Reflecting, as he ought,

On thorough cleaning of his claws,

They give him paws for thought.

Behold the thrifty tortoise

As his spending causes doubt.

He fails to see the wisdom of

The trend for shelling out.

Behold the mighty elephant,

Most popular of all.

As every time you see him

He’s receiving a trunk call.

Behold the spawning salmon.

Just watch him jump and go,

He hopes to line his offspring

In a little fishy roe.

Behold the yappy little pup

Pretending to be tough.

But really he is scared of everything

Which can be rather ruff.

Behold the cheeky chimpanzees,

In trousers, shoes and sweaters.

The only reason for these clothes

Is just to ape their betters.


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