Cat Owner’s Lament

I’ve told the cat I hate it.
I’m feeling rather bad.
I’m not too sure he understood
Or that it made him sad.
I didn’t want to hurt him;
I’m really not that cruel!
And yet, I blurted out those words
Like some unfeeling fool!
He turned his green eyes on me,
Gave up a plaintive mew;
It sounded quite accusing,
Which hurt me through and through!
He brought my curse upon himself
As many times before.
Like when he found my coffee
And whacked it with his paw!
The furniture is shredded;
My clothes and curtains, too!
He seems to think my slippers are
His place to do a poo!
My hunched and hurried mealtimes
Can’t fail but take their toll,
As I ward off his flailing claws
From every plate and bowl.
When I am sitting comfortably
He starts to scratch and cry
‘Til I get up to let him out
And then he ambles by.
Yet, when I sit back down again
(And this is without fail)
He’ll cry to come back in to me;
He’s quite beyond the pale!
But I only said I hate him
When he brought this shrieking frog!
It’s things like this that make me start
To wish I’d bought a dog!

5 thoughts on “Cat Owner’s Lament

  1. This morning Winston woke me
    At almost half past four
    And wow did he did provoke me
    With every tooth and claw
    Demanding I serve breakfast
    With such manic energy
    That every word you’ve written
    Is seconded by me.

  2. And yet same cat will cuddle
    And mew his little mew
    and settle in the middle
    of your lap. What do you do?
    Of course your going to pet him
    And listen to him purr
    And now I cant finish this
    my mind is all a blur.

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