I’m Really Glad It’s Easter!

I’m really glad it’s Easter.
I’ve had enough of Lent.
I gave up eating chocolate
But soon grew to relent.
An apple isn’t quite the same
As a giant Dairy Milk
Or Crunchie bars or Ripples
And all things of that ilk.

I’m really glad it’s Easter
And so are all my kin.
Who knew that giving chocolate up
Would free the beast within.
I’ve long run out of patience,
My fuse has grown too short.
I find I’ve started being more
Sarcastic than I ought.

I’m really glad it’s Easter.
The day has come at last
When I can end my self-inflicted
Chocky goodness fast.
I broke the fast at midnight
And now I’m rather ill.
I’ll never eat the stuff again,
(But – probably – I will!)

11 thoughts on “I’m Really Glad It’s Easter!

  1. Probably you will – eat chocolate again! I really like your poem. I like most things chocolate related and I particularly enjoyed your light-hearted take on Lent and your chocolate fast.

  2. I gave up chocolate once. I didn’t miss it at all. In fact I had great willpower.
    At least for the five minutes I spent writing about it. Then I rewarded myself with five Hershey kisses…one for each minute of my fast.

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