This poem is impatient!

It wouldn’t go away.

Although I said “I’m busy!”

It insisted it must stay.

I was with another poem

Which required a lot of care.

But this one made a racket

So I’d know that it was there.

“Pick me!” it cried in urgent tones,

“I can’t hold on much longer!”

So I turned my attention to

The poem that was stronger.

It swayed my better judgement

By dint of being loud.

It steered me from my righteous path,

Of which I am not proud.

And as it nears conclusion

I have a sneaking fear

This poem had no message but

To tell the world “I’m HERE!”

10 thoughts on “Impatient

  1. I am ever so glad YOU are here, even with ditties you don’t take very seriously! I love your humor. Now please pacify that loud-mouth who interrupted your previous, more serious thoughts–give it a glass of wine or something. On the more serious side, I too have pesky thoughts that won’t go away until I give them my attention!

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