NaPoWriMo Lament

I’m sick of writing poetry,

Fed up with trying to rhyme,

I’d rather find another way

To fill my precious time.

I could be watching telly,

I could be eating cake,

I could be drawing cartoon cats,

I’ve lots of jokes to make.

But NO, I’m checking metre

And struggling to make sense.

It’s hard to keep a track of what

And how and in what tense.

I wish this month would hurry.

O, April, go away!

Since I won’t have to write this stuff

Once we get into May!

And then I’ll do some sewing

Or maybe read a book,

I could watch that new TV show,

I hear it’s worth a look.

Perhaps I’ll do the housework,

The house is quite a sight

Since every time I start to clean

I have to stop and write.

I doubt I’ll last eleven days;

From now on, what I’ll do!

Is stick to writing Limericks

Perhaps the odd haiku.

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