Easter Bunny

I hate the Easter Bunny!

I hate his bunny face!

I hate the way he bounces

And hops about the place!

I hate his giant bunny teeth.

I hate his furry paws!

I hate the ways he digs the lawn,

I hate the way he gnaws!

I hate his pink and twitchy nose,

I hate his floppy ears!

I’ll hate him ’til the day I die,

I’ve hated him for years!

I hate his giant thumping feet

That always leave a trail.

I hate the shiny bow he wears,

I hate his fluffy tail.

I hate his spindly, waving arms,

I hate his stringy legs.

But most of all I hate the way

He NEVER brings me eggs!

3 thoughts on “Easter Bunny

  1. I don’t know. What about posting it on your blog? Is that too weird? I can’t see any private messaging options and I don’t want to post my email address on an open site. I’ve seen some horrific Easter bunnies in the last few days – one with fangs!! 😮

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