Ninety-six Faces

On 15th April 1989, thousands of excited football fans went to watch their teams play.  Ninety-six of them were killed in the worst football-related disaster the UK has ever seen.  After twenty-five years of public slurs by people in positions of trust, the ninety-six Liverpool fans who never came home are drawing closer to justice after the opening of fresh inquests.  You’ll never walk alone.


Face after face after face;

Ninety-six lives cut short.

Snippets of your stories,

Told to a silent court.

Your hopes, your dreams, your wishes,

What you mean to those left behind.

Trying to catch your essence;

Impossible words to find.


Life after life after life,

Stolen without a warning.

Parents, siblings, friends,

Burdened with permanent mourning.

Ninety-six empty seats;

Reminders of futures broken.

Names above a flame:

Icons of words unspoken.


Year after year after year;

Families forced to fight.

Struggle to reach that justice

That was always yours by right.

To banish every page

Where foul lies are found.

To shine a light upon those lives

Lost on Hillsborough’s ground.

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