A Mother’s Advice

Never leave the milk out.

Always warm the pot.

Before you do the shopping

Check what you have got.

Never sleep in make-up.

That’ll clog your pores!

Brush your teeth before you sleep.

Always lock your doors.

Do the things you have to

Before the things you want.

Always tell yourself “I can”’

Never think “I can’t!”

Never waste your money

When it’s flowing free.

You never know how difficult

Finding more could be!

Never be uncaring!

Always aim for kind.

Words can be like weapons

They can harm a person’s mind.

Never change who you are

For other people’s sakes.

Don’t waste time on idiots.

Learn from your mistakes.

Don’t let struggles drag you down.

Be who you want to be.

Whatever else goes wrong in life,

Don’t grow up like me.

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