Twitter Sonnet

In place of speech, I sit me down to write

A burst of words to send upon their way,

Across the wires and waves, unto the sight

Of others who have like for like to say.

A pun or two, a hashtag, if you will,

A pithy statement on the news just read.

In jest alone, intending no great ill,

Not wishing harm upon another’s head.

But nought will dredge itself up from the gloom

No words full fit to grace the shimm’ring screen.

So, sit I here ‘til darkness fills the room,

Reflecting on the lines that might have been.

My plans have come to nought and are defeated

For on this night, I shall not be retweeted.

5 thoughts on “Twitter Sonnet

  1. Ha. We all come upon hard times now and then and also contradict our selves as you seem to have by clicking out this poem. Now I am going to ask an embarrassing question. I’ve heard it a million times, but just what exactly is a hashtag and if I have a Twitter account have I already unknowingly used one? Keep writing, please. You always brighten my day…I think you would have enjoyed today’s prompt as well. The form poems are gamelike and draw you away from the realization that you are actually writing…

  2. Thanks Judy. A hashtag is # followed by something and it makes it easy for people to find others commenting on the same thing. On Twitter, I sometimes play hashtag games. For example, a hashtag game could be #birdsongs and you change a song to make it relate to birds – ‘Wren Will I see You Again?’ and other such terrible puns. Sad, but fun. 😉

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