Something Wicked

‘By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.’

Macbeth. Act 4, scene 1. William Shakespeare


The trees were loathe to look his way,

The birds afraid to tweet.

The wind grew hushed and tiptoed by,

The grasses feared his feet.

His eyes as dark as nameless sin,

His step was full and slow.

His progress was relentless and

His words were harsh and low.

As warmth gives way to creeping cold,

As joy withdraws from hate,

As I beheld his presence there

As he approached the gate,

I felt my cares come flooding back.

I knew beyond all doubt

I’d never see the sun rise but

I’d seen my luck run out.

5 thoughts on “Something Wicked

    • I lived with years of that till I had my tonsils out.. My mom used to put hot oil in my ear. She’d heat it in a spoon with a match held under it, then pour it in. She said her dad used to blow smoke in her ear when she had earache. Hope you have some good painkillers.

  1. I do, but as taxi-mum I can’t take them. I had my tonsils out in 2010, got pneumonia from the op and was really ill for 6 months. Not the relief I’d hoped for. My mum used to do the hot oil thing or heat a bag of salt and put that on my ear. 🙂

    • I learned to control my migraines by channeling energy from the pain in my head down over my shoulders and down my arms to heat up my hands. Sounds incredible, but it worked. At the time there was no drug to deal with migraines and I’ve used this a few times since then to help deal with pain. Won’t hurt to try. You need to try to relax the area around your pain and then send it in a river down your arms into your hands. Okay, now you’re thinking “Wooo woo wooo wooo” and cancelling your link to my blog. It is all in your best interest, m’dear, that I’m risking giving this advice.

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