Soft words hide malice.

Handshakes hide hate.

Sun lights the rain shower,

Action shapes fate.

Lies can be bridges to cross the great gulf

And there’s warmth to be found in the fur of the wolf.


Deep cold can burn.

Pain can delight.

Years can be fleeting.

Wrong can make right.

Even the strongest will bend ‘til they break

And there’s strength to be found in the coils of the snake.


Words cause confusion.

Art can deface.

Lies lead to honesty.

Speed halts the race.

Some say that life is a slow walk to death

And there’s peace to be found in the dragon’s hot breath.

7 thoughts on “Counterintuition

    • Some of mine are like that but with this one, I just had the end of the first verse in my head and then it took a few days to coax out a load more lines to keep it company. I seem to be pretty productive at the moment but I’ve no idea why. Avoiding the washing, probably. 😉

      • But your newer poems are also dark. I had such a feeling of foreboding after ready them and then this tragedy happened. To my eye, it seemed as though you were predicting my future dark mood. Are you psychic? Is it all about me?

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