Cat logic – paper

Cat logic - paper

8 thoughts on “Cat logic – paper

  1. Okay. It’s clear you need an interpreter. Your Kitty wants you to outline her little posterior…Sort of like the craze of placing one’s bare bottom on a copier and hitting the copy button? Cats are not very technologically savvy. We are happy about this. Just think what life would be if they ever really learned to use our machines properly. Catfood smoothies in the blender? Catfish in the crock pot? Long distance phone calls to Manx buddies in Africa? Humor your kitty. Just draw her/his little butt and post it on your fridge.

  2. Good Grief. My “reply” was posted as being at 5:07 pm today when actually it is 11:07
    AM here. Don’t know how WP works. Is your time 6 hours different? Are you in Monrovia?

  3. It’s probably just using a 12 hour clock instead of 24, since it’s just past 20 past 5 in the evening. I’ll have to get onto that ‘cat-bottom-as-template’ thing. It could cat-ch on. #sorry 😉

    • All mysteries revealed. I should read profiles more carefully, but prefer to read the blogs. Well, at least your blog. I’ve neglected mine horribly but staying active in other venues.

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