Cat logic – shortcuts

Cat logic - shortcuts

10 thoughts on “Cat logic – shortcuts

  1. Can’t seem to comment on your latest cat cartoon–about walking between the owner’s legs…Clevah! You are multi-talented, m’dear. Don’t know why I never saw the early cat cartoons…

  2. Hehe! I highly doubt many people will have anything to say about my cat problems, πŸ™‚ When I looked, it said it was still draft, which didn’t make sense because it wouldn’t have been visible to anybody. I think it’s sorted now anyway. x

    • Okay. A small bet is in order. I’ll bet you my cat poem against your cat poem that at least three more people will comment on your last cat cartoon within a week. Loser writes the poem to go with one of your cartoons–their choice.

    • Cat Skat

      No rhyme for β€œmeow”
      have I neow,
      nor rhyming clause
      for β€œI got paws!”
      A rhyme for claws
      might give me pause,
      yet I’ve more days
      to coin a phrase
      or a tercet
      to pay my bet.

      But you, too, Oggin
      must scratch thy noggin.
      Best dip your pen,
      for I may win!
      Here and there,
      we rip our hair
      the tension mounting–
      six more and counting!!!!

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