Mersey New Year

At the top of the hill, in the dark, looking down

Counting the seconds with the waiting town.

The lights fizzle up as the numbers fall by

Painting a new year across the black sky.

A palette of hope paints a storm of delight,

Bringing a false day to bear on the night.

But through all the booming, the singing, the roars

Come the sounds of the boats off the Mersey’s bright shores.

Pushing their voices, their deafening call

To make sure the river gets the last say of all.

The one thing that means New Year to me is the sound of the foghorns on the boats on the Mersey.  It’s a beautiful sound that could contend with any choir.  It says “I’m still here!”  Happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “Mersey New Year

  1. Love your New Year Eve poem on the Mersey. I don’t live there anyone but the ships fog horns at midnight are a strong childhood memory and I think of them every New Year Eve. Esp good this year as we were on Princes Dock for a NYE wedding so heard them for myself again! Sad there weren’t so many though!!

      • I completely agree. I’ve always loved the fog horns. Have you noticed they sound different when there is actually fog! Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you got to hear them this time. 🙂

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