Happy Birthday, Liam

This is for you, a birthday gift,

It’s all I have to send.

A smile, a thought, a poem.

My brother and my friend.

No birthday card, no wrapping,

No singing and no cake.

I decorate my tree today

All for your memory’s sake.

I read your books now that you can’t,

Play songs for you to hear.

I hold you in my head and heart

And wish that you were near.

To shoot the breeze and have a laugh

To listen and to talk.

To wander down those roads once more,

Where in the past we’d walk.

But there’s a place tucked in my head

Where you’re a call away.

And I can just retreat to there

To celebrate the day.

So, happy birthday Liam,

I give my words and tears.

Although I’ll always miss you

I’m glad we had those years.

This is for my big brother, who is now my little brother.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Liam

  1. I have to agree with your sentiments, keeping our dearly departed in our minds and hearts keeps them alive. I still have both my brothers but I lost my mum in 1985 aged 57. I’m now older than she is, but I do think about her a lot which I think is natural.

  2. I wrote about how strange it is when you become ‘older’ than your big brother, but I hadn’t given any thought to being older than a parent. It’s good to talk about the people we’ve lost. Brings memories to the surface.

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