Ghost song

So, all the ghosts line up to sing the song

And I am swayed by their determined tune.

I know their thoughts are only shades of mine,

Undone too soon.

They step so lightly they might not be there

But for the cold that takes the place of breath.

Unseeing eyes have served no use at all

Since meeting death.

The soul can find what perfect sight cannot

But fails to hold it so it slips away.

Why ghosts demand a chance to hunt it down

I cannot say.

In life we dance between the broken lines

Of waking life and silent, dreaming pain.

To seek the hidden place where these two meet

Is less than sane.

But sanity is not a treasure dear

When holding it must block the chance of sight.

The ghosts regret the follies that they shunned

To keep the light.

So all the ghosts line up to sing the song

My voice rings out although my lips are still.

I hope this tune will be the last they chant.

I doubt it will.

4 thoughts on “Ghost song

  1. I tried to comment when you first posted “ghosts” but my regular computer has gone belly-up and the new one doesn’t seem to want to let me sign on to wordpress as myself. at any rate, after a bit of fiddling, I hope it works now. I have loved all your poems, but this one is in my estimation the best of all–so elegant in both thought and execution. (My right caps key won’t work on this computer, so pardon the inconsistencies.) I’m going to share it at the next meeting of my small poetry group, the Not Yet Dead Poets. Nice to be reading you again!

    • Can you tell me how to credit you for the poem? O. Keating? Ogginblog? Other? We always read one of our own poems and one of someone else’s. Asking your permission to read yours to this small group of 5.

  2. Hello. I feel your pain, as I’m on a borrowed laptop too, although the other one didn’t actually belong to me either really! It’s got all my stuff on it but it’s overheating and freezing! 😦 I’m honoured that you’d consider using the poem with your group and thanks for the nice comments. Don’t use Ogginblog – that’s just a joke name. Oonagh Keating is probably best. Nice to hear from you. Take care. o.K. xx

  3. aha…so memory serves me correctly and you and O. Keating are one. I put in the ogginblog just so they can access your blog if they wish. Oonagh Keating it is. I think caps on letters served by the left caps key and no caps on those served by the right hand will be my new “style.” If e.e. cummings can do it, why can I not do it half way?

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