You feel it almost before you see it.

A deep rumble and the swish of heavy water.

Thud!  On rubber, on brick, on city.

The ferry is here!

Dipping and rising in the waiting river.

Swarms of feet tap-tapping on the iron drawbridge to the past and the future.

The ferry is here!

The monks used to row the route but now the engines power the icon.

Ferry, cross the Mersey!

You can look at the wake but you can’t tell where it’s been.

Never the same river twice.

All eyes are on the birds, but the birds can’t see.

The ferry is here!

Together we loop and head to shore.

When the music plays you can tell the tourists from the locals.

The tourists listen.

The locals leave.

8 thoughts on “Ferry

  1. “the iron drawbridge to the past and the future.” Love that line–and the ending. Are you really describing the ferry cross the Mersey or is that just an association? The allusion to that song conjures up big memories for all of us “of an age.” So good to see your postings, always.

    • It means more to me than the ferry journey it describes, but the funny thing about the ferry is that they play ‘that’ song at the end of the trip. The tourists are pleased to hear the iconic song but the locals are a bit sick of it so it gets them off the ferry faster. 😉 I love the ferry and the river itself. Thanks for visiting again. x

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