Sometimes I find I crave a piece of bread

Yet tempted not am I by pallid slice.

I feel I’d rather make some toast instead

To add some warmth and crunch would be so nice.


But what to spread upon this humble feast?

That will enhance, not seek to hide, the taste!

A smear of butter at the very least

To leave it unadorned would be a waste.


But if such bread I use as has full grain

I may not wish to mar the sweetest seed!

To add a flavour would bestow no gain

Perhaps this toast would have all I could need!


So common sense suggests the thing to do

Is not to make one piece of toast, but two!


This is a sonnet about toast for That Poetry Bloke who taught me the meaning of a ‘volta’ then reminded me when I forgot!

2 thoughts on “Toast

    • Sounds delicious! Funnily enough I wrote this after having a conversation about how I like peanut butter and beansprouts on toast. You have to mix them together first, of course. 🙂 Good song!

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