I am the peach in the chocolate box.

I am the coffee beside all the teas.  

The shoe in the drawer that’s full up with socks.

I am the odd one out.


I am the rhyme in the telephone book.

I am the skateboard and they are the bikes.

Surrounded by rabbits but I am the duck.

I am the odd one out.


I am the flute with the violins.

I am the tadpole that swims with the fish.

The packet of pasta amongst all the tins.

I am the odd one out.


I am the paper alongside the cloth.

I am the bracelet and they are the rings.

They are all monkeys but I am a sloth.

I am the odd one out.


I am the novel amongst all the plays.

I am the scarlet. The world is all blue.

They are the straight paths and I am the maze.

I am the odd one out.

12 thoughts on “Peach

  1. You ended with a bang and even followed the prompt!!! Even your kids would be proud of you. Wish I knew how to reblog–I’d do so with both of your last two. I’ve really enjoyed your poems. Read them all. Hope you don’t wait until next year to write more, but it does help to have that prod, doesn’t it? To do them, I’ve put friends, exercise, book promos, sleep, recreational film watching and, sadly, my two loyal if pesky dog companions all in a back room and threw away the key. Now. To find the key––

    • Yes, we all have a bit of crawling to do to get back in the good books. As for the prompt, I don’t even know what it was for today so if I followed it, it’s a coincidence. I write poetry all year round anyway but a few a week rather than every day but I might start posting more of it. Happy writing! 🙂

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