Poem with attitude

This poem has an attitude

It looks as if to say

‘You’re not the boss of what I do.

My lines do NOT belong to you.

I know you know that this is true

So keep your words away.’


This poem doesn’t like me much

It thinks I try to take

The credit for it being here

Because I tried to sidle near

In hopes that I could catch its ear.

That was a BIG mistake!


This poem turned to me and said,

‘I hope that this gets through.

There’s nothing you can get from me,

So run away and leave me be!

Or else I’ll have to make you see

What an angry poem can do.’


This poem had a scary voice

I knew its strike would sting

So I admitted I was wrong.

‘I’m sorry that I came on strong.

It’s just, I thought you were a song.

And only hoped to sing.’

This poem gave a little laugh

And then it shook its head.

‘I thought you were a poem-thief,

But now I feel a great relief

Because I know you meant no grief.

We’ll sing these words instead.’

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