To Superman, with apologies to Shelley

Hail to thee, o, superman!

Bird thou ne’er hast been,

Nor a plane of any sort

Though in flight thou wast seen

An alien thou be-est, ‘though thy skin, it be not green!


Higher still and higher

In thy cape thou flyest

Though thou art a liar

Truth thou representest

And for justice and America. As Clark Kent art disguisest.


In the golden lightning

Rescuing thou cometh

Swooping, strong and fright’ning.

Saviour thou becometh

Though thine enemies are myriad and thy social skills all hummeth.


The pale purple even

Doth one’s eyes deceive

To leave us all believin’

That thou deigned to leave

Thy tights beneath thine undies and thou look’st like Christopher Reeve.


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