Ode to a supermarket

Your aisles are filled with everything I need

Such wonders as I’d only hope to dream

A loaf adorned with every kind of seed

A cake made tempting with a swirl of cream.


I lose myself in calculating price

Between the multipacks and jumbo size.

With offers tempting me to purchase twice

As many as I’d meant to of your pies.


Yet sometimes I must curse the ones who change

The layout of the shop so I must stray

Down aisles where I encounter some new range

And buy much more than I had planned that day.


And if one day a fortune I should win

I’d never more root through the bargain bin.

9 thoughts on “Ode to a supermarket

  1. Haha! Yes, that sounds like a possibility. And their houses must be massive to provide storage for 12 tins of coffee as big as their heads, 100 rolls of toilet roll and 60 tins of beans. 😉

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