Being a cat

I lie here hour on hour, inspecting my kingdom. Queendom, really.

Once in a while I change position.

Mistress of all I survey.

I twitch my tail or lick a lazy paw.

This is my life.

Occasionally, I notice papers lying, unattended just begging to be sat upon.

I slink across and lower myself.

Cool, soft paper.

I eye the human.  I ignore their protests.

This is my right.

Eventually, I have to have some food.  I need my energy after all.

A yowl.  A miaow.  A rub against a leg.

Soon I am at my bowl.

Tasty chunks of something fishy.

This is my favourite.

My life is a finely tuned balancing act. A dance between sleep and food.

It’s hard work training humans.

I have to be on my guard.

If I don’t teach them who’s boss I might as well

Have been a dog.

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